7 ways to protect your home from winter

The early morning nip in the air brings along winter’s homecoming message. The winter wardrobe is coming out once again from attics and suitcases. But, in all the eagerness to protect ourselves from the winter, we tend to forget our homes. Think about it, if our homes are healthy, we’ll also stay protected through winter.

So, here are few tips to maintain the health of our havens:

1. Keep it damp free

Just like your clothes, it’s important to keep your home dry in the winters. Keeping your home well ventilated will prevent winter germs from creeping in.

2. Maintain clean drains and flooring

In winters, keep a close look out on the drainpipes outside of your homes to ensure that they aren’t clogged with debris or dry leaves.

3. Close all the cracks

In winter months, make it a habit to regularly check for cracks in the exterior and interior walls of the house. Close the cracks with water-resistant seals.

4. Do up your home with heavy curtains

Heavy or thick fabrics and layered curtains will help keep the winter draft away; thus making your home warm and cosy. Further, use bright colours to lighten up the otherwise drab and dull winter atmosphere. Heavy curtains adds panache, style and warmth to the house

5. Place a doormat at the entrance of your home:

This season, treat your home to a new doormat. Well, new is just for your pleasure. The key thing is that it is important to have a rough textured doormat at the entrance, which will keep away the moisture and dirt.

6. Clean-up the dust

Winter is notorious for bringing home a lot of dust. So, to keep the health of your furniture pieces, ensure that you dust at least twice a day during winters.

7. Holidify your home

If you are planning to take your annual vacation this season, ensure that you also give your home its annual cleaning. A good way to keep germs out-of-home is to ensure that you clean, defrost and unplug refrigerators and freezers and clean doors and windows before leaving.

Winter is the season to be joyous and jolly. Spread the cheer with a happy and healthy home 


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