Give your bathroom a makeover for less

Give your bathroom a makeover for less

Not everything that looks luxuriant and chic has to be expensive. Especially your bathrooms. The warm and cosy space can be anything but boring, if we change our perspective towards it. A little creative here and a little imagination there – and you can spruce up your bathroom without the hefty price tag. We’ve picked five ideas to help you do it with ease: 

Make space the hero

Space is everywhere. Under the sink, above the shower cabin, around the mirror and more. Utilise it to put up shelves or tuck in tiny baskets. Even simple wire baskets can add oodles of style to your bathroom and also offer storage to throw in some hand towels and other bathroom linen.

Look up to the ceiling

The most ignored part of any bathroom is the ceiling. It is an expansive space that offers you ample opportunities to add a playful look. Experiment with varied lights or wallpapers of your favourite designs. Even a simple splash of vibrant hues can do the magic!

Reflect upon a mirror

A mirror is not just a utility but a vital aspect that can take the look of your bathroom a few notches higher. This glamorous, yet affordable, piece of decor makes the room appear larger and spacious. Add a border or a stencil to the mirror to complete the look. 

Add class with curtains

Often simplest and inexpensive things can make a huge difference. Just like curtains. Skip the bulky glass door showers and go for the delicate curtains. Bright shades or cool pastels, the fall of the curtains adds a class even to the mundane. 

Go bold with knobs

Often, a smallest detail can pack a punch in your decor. Move over the mundane knobs and have some fun with chunky bathroom knobs. It will remind you of its bold existence every time you enter or exit your bathroom.

So follow these simple tips and let your guests drool over your gorgeous designer bathroom.


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