Small Spaces. Big Makeovers: How to make small spaces appear big

Living in the metro has its own advantages, but personal space is certainly not one of them. With rising property prices and shrinking carpet areas, living in a small space calls for smarter planning. Here are some super effective interior design hacks to make your small space appear big.

Maximise with mirrors
Whether you live in a cosy studio apartment or want to get more out of a smaller room in your apartment, mirrors are your best friend. Create an illusion of bigger space by using a large mirror on a wall. It’s the simplest way to double up the ‘half-room’ concept.

Multiply space with multi-purpose furniture
When you can multi-task, why not your furniture! Pick pieces that serve for more than one purpose. A desk that doubles up as a dining table or a sofa that spreads into bed are great ideas to get started.

Customise your storage
Why buy a bulky piece when you can tailor-make one with some storage space. From coffee table to bed, make every piece of furniture work twice as hard.Trunks, for instance, are trendy as coffee tables and also offer ample secret storage.

Create dedicated zones
Too many activities but too little space? Simply create small nooks by separating your workspace from your chilling and dining areas with relevant furniture placement. Simply throw a bean bag facing TV, place a large cushion against the reading nook and desk with chair facing the window. Use curtains or partition to evoke a sense of the dedicated room.

Make walls work for you
Decorating vertically is a great way to keep floors free in a small room. Mount a bookshelf or a cabinet on the wall. Place indoor plants over a wall shelf and drill hooks to hang coats, bags, keys and phone cables to keep your desk and dining space fully functional.

So go ahead and make these ideas happen at home.


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