The big joys of living in a small city

The big joys of living in a small city

Though the saying, ‘best things come in small packages’ is usually used in the context of gifts, the proverb can also ring true for your city. Bright big city lights have always been exciting. They are the magnets for millions of people who immigrate from their hometowns and make these cities their homes. But there’re also a few, who look the other way and move to smaller cities and never regret it.

So here’s why it’s not a bad idea to swap the vibrant, cultured laneways of a big city for the sleepy, serene ambience of a smaller one.

Work-life balance – truly.

Forget the hour-long commute and rush hour traffic of the big city. Calm down and tune in to the slow-paced life of a small city. When you spend less time commuting, you get to spend more time living – like the passion project you’ve been dreaming of for eons or a hobby that’s awaiting since your teens or just spending relaxed time with family – not just on weekends, but weekdays as well.

In for mental peace?

Urban life is brimming with constant noise and chatter and the everyday is steered forward by go-go-go. We can’t escape the daily grind of work and may get weighed down with worries. On the other hand, small cities let you live life at your own pace. They inspire you to step back, evaluate and reflect upon the things that matter the most.

Gentle on your wallet

Accept it. Big city life is expensive. Sky rocketing realty prices and unavoidable expenses often lead to regrettable budgeting decisions. A small city is gentle on your wallet. The cost of living of such cities isn’t very high. Add to it the absence of places where one usually splurges their entire salary.

Smaller cities let you live beyond the nine-to-five job. They save up heaps of your energy so that you can put in more focus at work – or beyond it. Not to forget, you also gain the envy of your friends stuck in rush hour traffic.


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