The marble way of living: trending interior ideas for you

It is grand, desirable and never out of style. Marble is trending again in the interior décor scene, but with a modern and minimalistic touch. Here are some simple ideas to welcome this precious beauty into your home. And the good news is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Make a statement with minimal marble
While it lends opulence to arches, museums and sculptures around the world, marble can be overwhelming to the eye when overdone at home. A feature wall in your living room or a backlit centrepiece on the ceiling works just perfect. Less is definitely more when you want to make a statement using marble.

Nature inspired marble furniture
Marble looks its classiest in soft, warm and calm tones. Take inspiration from nature and pair a marble top with wooden or metal frame in brushed gold or bronze. Pull off a classy coffee table or a side stand. Marble furniture not only looks high end but also stays strong for a lifetime.

Marble inspired accessories
You can bring home the grandeur of marble by simply adding one or two classy accessories like a pair of marble lamps by your bedside or candleholders and photo frames in your living room. Even marbleised knick-knacks like coasters, chopping board and soap dispensers infuse the coveted marble element into your decor.

Marble themed furnishing
Another smart and subtle way to pull off the classical marble décor minus the big price tag is to pair the art pieces you pick, with marble-inspired textures. Throw together a rug, pair of curtains or a bed sheet that mimics the neutral colours and bold lines of marble, with an elegant wall art to tie the look together.

Hope we fuelled your imagination with these practical ideas to make your marble dreams come true.


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