Trend Alert: Bring Home the Desi Décor Glamour

Desi décor for your home – does it fill you with nightmares of doing up your home like an over made-up and powder-packed Indian bride? Yes, myriad cultures and colours inspire Indian décor, but it does not mean dolling up your home in gold and red. Mixing a modern and ethnic look, we draw up some few ideas to help you get the perfect combination of modern, yet desi avatar:

  1. Go easy on the colour:

If it’s India, it doesn’t always have to be loud and bright. While, it’s important to have bright colours, avoid mixing loud colours and prints. Play with a hint of orange and pink or blue and green or red and yellow. Though, all colours are bright in nature, you can mix and match with its subtle shades.

  1. Focus on detailing:

Indian art can be a lot about detailing and intricate designs. Play up intricate ethnic prints that make your home look effortlessly chic and easy. Tiny floral prints, paisleys, kalamakari, block prints up the look of your home. You can even blend ethnic prints with European greys, light greens and so on.

  1. Be accent wise:

An accent furniture or piece is something that stands out in a room. According to the English dictionary, “accent” implies emphasis, so an accent piece is used to emphasise home decor. Typically, accent pieces include wall décor, a seating piece of furniture, lights or anything that gives a clear design break to the room. The good old gramophone can make for a perfect accent piece

  1. Light up your room:

Earthy lamps and lampshades or tealights are great for desi décor – use ethnic-make like terracotta or brass for lights. This makes it look more authentic and simple. Avoid plastic lights – it will take away the whole earthy and richness of Indian heritage.

  1. Go kitsch:

Give your homes an Indian makeover by adding twist to everyday items. For instance, use dhabba chai wala kettle or tea set to serve tea or use prints that depict Indian-ness like the Horn OK signs on the trucks. There are plenty of kitsch brands to choose from. Remember to be subtle as overdose of cuteness or randomness will kill the whole look.

Go desi – only remember when it comes to desi chic, the simpler the better.


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