Trend Spotting: Welcome 2018 with these smart interior décor trends

From new clothes to new year resolutions, it’s the perfect time to make brand new plans. Why should your home décor be left behind? How about ringing in this New Year with some trendy interior décor ideas you’d love to bring home:

Loud is out. Subtle is in.
The top home décor trend from wall colours to furnishing will lean towards modern and minimal touches. Especially bedrooms will don casual designs and soothing colours, making it truly relaxing and restful place. So keep calm and trend on.

Backsplash makes a splash
While wallpapers have already taken over plain walls, 2018 will welcome Intricate tile designs used as a kitchen and bathroom backsplash. A variety of eye-catching options in materials like glass, wood, metals and stone will replace expensive kitchen tiles, yet prove to be more damage-resistant than wallpapers.

Vintage lighting makes a comeback
2018 will welcome vintage lighting fixtures with a subtle, modern twist. Aged copper pendant lights crafted in modern, geometrical shapes will adorn the ceilings. Watch out for the trend making its way on your walls and even as table lamps in the new year.

Florals prints go bold
Floral prints have always been popular, but now they’ll get bigger and bolder than ever before. Watch out for floral patterns in contrasting colours making their way into your living room focus wall and your sofa and accent chair upholstery.

Wall art gets personalised
Bare walls are officially out. The new year will see newer, personalised ideas and artworks coming together on the walls. Everything from photo frames, handpainted art, fancy mirrors, digital prints to raw sketches, book covers, pop art posters and quotes will make its way to the wall galleries in 2018.

Indoor plants and terrariums
From balcony and kitchen sill to your dining table and even bedroom, patterned plants move indoors in 2018. Not only they look trendy but also help you breathe and sleep better.

Happy new home!


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