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Saving water: Charity begins at home

Aug 13, 2019

Saving water: Charity begins at home
Running out of water amidst a shower is like a nightmare. Well, this can be a reality too if you don`t start saving water. Here`s how you can do your bit.

Choose still over flowing
Turn off the tap or go for stored water whenever possible. For example, you can use a mug for shaving or brushing. Opting for a bucket bath instead of showers can also help you save water because each shower uses 10 to 40 litres per minute.

Install water-saving equipment
Isn`t spending a little on water-saving devices a lot more preferable than spending the entire life without water? Installing devices such as showerheads, low-flush toilet systems, etc. can efficiently limit the usage of water. A lot of people are even using water meters for tracking water usage.

Reduce energy use
“Use your energy to create, not destroy”, said a wise man once. Apply these words of wisdom while using energy at home – use it to save water, not waste it. Dump a full load of clothes in the washing machine instead of two half loads. Apply the same while washing vessels in a dishwasher.

Catch rainwater
Install water tanks to catch and harvest rainwater. Don`t shy away from storing such water and using it for watering plants and feeding pets. You can even use it for washing your vehicles.

Fix the broken
When you see a dripping tap, fix it there and then. But those are just a few drops, you may argue. Don`t forget, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. These droplets can accumulate to 5,500 litres of water wastage in a year.
Even small efforts towards saving water can go a long way in building up a water reserve, which will ultimately save the planet. Start saving!

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