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Say Hello to Spring With These Seasonal Foods

Mar 05, 2020

Say Hello to Spring With These Seasonal Foods
Most nutritionists prescribe eating seasonally. It is particularly healthy and beneficial for us to consume fruits and vegetables in season as they are fresher and taste better. Moreover, nature has designed them to provide us with what our body craves. Spring foods detoxify our bodies from the effects of winter while also energising us for the heat of summer that comes next. Thus,eating seasonally has more advantages than we thought. Here are a few food groups to consume during spring, which is also when nature emerges from winter barrenness in an amazing riot of colours and smells.

Spinach dishes, gajar ka halwa, salads, bhindi fry. These are spring faves because this is when we find these vegetables in abundance in the market. Spinach is high in iron and vitamin K and is excellent for purifying blood. Everyone knows the merits of eating carrots while lady’s finger isdelicious when fried or stuffed. Capsicum, cucumber, and beans add crispy richness to salads. Other springtime veggies include pumpkin, karela, chawli, and doodhi.

Fruits are nature’s bountiful gift to us. Eaten raw or incorporated into desserts or salads, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, and so beneficial for your body and mind. Potassium-rich bananas, oranges and strawberries loaded with vitamin C, luscious ripe mangoes, juicy watermelons and grapes, and fibrous jackfruits and muskmelons are all available in abundance during spring. Consume them in milkshakes or juices, or eat them in their natural goodness. There is a lot to be gained either way.

From Ayurveda to modern science, all have hailed the many beneficial properties of spices. They add flavour and aroma to your food, aid digestion, and fortify your body. Seasonally used spices provide numerous benefits for you and your family’s health. Black pepper is a good decongestant and stimulates better digestion. Cardamom is a fragrant spice that enhances the flavour of sweet dishes as well as vegetarian and meat dishes.

Oregano, which we liberally sprinkle on pasta and pizzas, is also a quintessential spring spice that is fantastic in stews, soups, and as an infused oil. Fenugreek seeds are a popular spice anda fabulous detoxifier. It is beneficial in tackling diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity. Ginger and turmeric are other spring spices that add wonderful flavour and aroma to dishes.

Spring is the best time to cultivate that home garden you have been dreaming of. Ofcourse, there is no better joy than picking herbs from your own garden. Mint, coriander, tulsi, and dill arebest planted during spring. Who doesn’t love the flavour of mint or pudina in their tea or raita? Coriander or cilantro or dhaniya, is the perfect garnish for curries, vegetable dishes, and salads.

Tulsi or holy basil’s medicinal properties are well documented. Enjoy its warm spicy flavour in your tea, or crush the leaf and use it to soothe insect bites. Dill or sowa bhaji has a sharp bitter taste but adds amazing flavour to fish, soups, eggs, poultry, etc.

Home Remedies
Spring signifies blossoming flowers, which means high volumes of pollen in the air, which aggravates our allergies. Colds, blocked sinuses, coughing fits are all a common sight during spring. Home remedies incorporating popular spices, herbs, and fruits can help you overcome your allergies. Vitamin C is your best ally and is easily available from the humble nimbu paaniand citrus fruits. Drink some warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of lime to clear mucus and breathe better. Chewing on a clove for a few minutes can soothe a sore throat. Eucalyptus oil, green or herbal teas, and spicy food are some other tested methods of beating your spring allergies.

All these beautiful and colourful spring fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are not just good foryour body and mind. They also add beauty and aroma to your home. Display baskets of artfully arranged fruits on the dining or side table. Drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of water placed on atable will purify your home’s air and leave it smelling fresh. Similarly, your potted herbs will filter your air and spread heady aromas around your home. This season literally puts a spring in your step and diet.

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