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Fitted out for Fur: Creating a pet-friendly home

Sep 27, 2019

Fitted out for Fur: Creating a pet-friendly home
What was a 7-million pet population in India in 2006 is now over 12-million strong. In a bid to involve more furry, feathered and whiskered beings in their lives, pet lovers now call themselves pet parents.

Bringing home and raising a pet – dog, cat or bird – means some home improvement. These amendments need to be well-thought, so that they aren`t complicated or expensive.

Pet-Friendly Furnishing:
Chewed and gnarled sofas are a common peeve. Choose stain-resistant and fur-resistant upholstery, such as synthetic microfiber. Avoid too many bright or neon colours if you have a hyperactive pet.

If you must have carpeting, opt for washable ones like jute carpets or dhurries.

While you have toilet trained your dog for outdoors, ensure one bathroom that`s accessible during rain or winter months. This should have non-skid tiles. For cats, ensure an accessible area for the litterbox. You also need an accessible space for a bowl of drinking water.

Provide Ample Sunshine and Natural Air:
Keep at least one window that offers two to three hours of sunshine for your pet. Place a cushion to make it comfortable. In case of birds, do place the cage in mild sunlight and place a shade in the afternoon.

Cover Your Trash:
Trash cans for both wet and dry garbage should be lidded firmly and put away inside a cabinet. If your pet is particularly snoopy, you could latch or key-lock this cabinet.

Stow Away Grocery and Medical Supplies:
The last thing you need is to have a medical mishap with your furries helping themselves to your medicines. Always keep medicines, groceries, packaged foods and goodies in cupboards at a height. It’s best to lock these away too.

Other than these, you will surely need the usual pet proofing with corner guards, fences and socket guards that keep your pet and your house happy and safe. Happy pet parenting!

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